Awards ceremony and performance text.
Awards ceremony and performance text.

On my honor,
I will try to serve god and my country.
Help people at all times, and live by the scout's law.
What the scout's law is, I cannot say.
(I never learned it by the way)
But I will live by it, I will surely try
Even though I cannot say what it is I promise to live by.
Because I honor what is honest and free,
This unknown scout's law is important to me!
Oh the things it must say!
Oh how it must read!
Would surely dictate my actions and deeds!
On the day that I die
And I float to the sky
And in Heaven's glow I bask
And I am granted one question to ask
I'll run my hands through my hair, all withered and grey
And ask "What did the Scouting Law Actually Say?"